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With our unconventional growth strategies and unwavering storytelling, we empower brands to harness the true potential of their social presence by shifting their social identities from 'buy buy buy' to 'discover, learn, enjoy'. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to guarantee results while building massive fandom and brand affinity.

How we do socials

Platform Management
+ Manual Publishing
We are obsessed with social media and manage a diverse range of platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Threads, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. Our approach goes beyond scheduling content; we meticulously curate and manually publish to capitalize on trending sounds, leverage SEO on screen, and implement strategies tailored to each platform. By carefully optimizing content, we ensure increased exposure and enhanced engagement.
Multichannel Platform Strategies
We understand that not every social media platform is essential for every business. Our team curates and develops multichannel strategies based on your specific goals and target audience. By analyzing your industry landscape and identifying the platforms that align best with your brand, we focus our efforts on maximizing your presence where it matters most.
Community Management
+ Engagement Funnels
At AUSTERE, we prioritize building strong connections with your audience through detailed community management. We go beyond surface-level interactions and engage meaningfully with everyone who reacts to your content. By developing custom engagement funnels, we convert followers, likers, and commenters into potential clients or customers. Through personalized DMs and strategic interactions, we foster a sense of belonging and drive conversion.
Growth Hacking
+ Owned Asset Creation
Experience rapid organic growth through our innovative growth hacking techniques. We take a meticulous and strategic approach, utilizing various engagements, actions, and tactics to accelerate your brand's social media growth. Additionally, we create powerful owned assets through the development of secondary accounts. These assets become influential resources for your brand, extending your reach and amplifying your online presence beyond our ongoing support.

Natasha, our founder, spent over 4 years as the sole in-house creative at Pizza Hut. Her team put the brand on the social map, achieving massive growth and engagement through a focus on viral press. Thanks to her winning content and killer strategy, going viral became a monthly occurrence.

BaseNote – Music Investing App

In 2022, as BaseNote's agency of record, we orchestrated their entire marketing strategy, from crafting the launch plan to executing lead generation campaigns and driving app downloads. Additionally, we expertly designed their captivating website, leaving no detail overlooked.

Peerspace – Platform

We're currently working with the 'Airbnb of hourly spaces' called Peerspace. This platform houses thousands of rental spaces across the globe for various uses but most commonly for photo and video shoots. They came to us looking for a way to increase impressions as their number 1 goal in various platforms. What we found was that Pinterest was going to be their best chance at that growth. While we're continuing to work with them, we've already identified a major lift in their first 6 months of our adjusted Pinterest strategy.

Tech Daze - EntertainmentΒ Channels

Vital, a referral from within the music industry, sought our expertise to build their website for the launch of their label services firm. The goal was to create a custom and clean look while working within SquareSpace's platform. With strategic custom coding, we maximized impact within the budget, delivering a seamless and remarkable user experience.

MyNILpay – Athlete Payment App

We've spent the last 6 months launching a new app in the college sports space. The myNILpay app went from zero existence online to being talked about and recognized by every single mover and shaker in the college sports industry all the way up to Congress! We focused on massive growth hacking, impactful brand storytelling and the collaboration is massive influencers. While we wait for college sports to return in the fall we're focused on user growth in-app for the summer. This is an ongoing project! πŸŽ‰

We were approached by NFT Oasis to support them over the course of 6 months in their content creation needs as they promoted their first round of luxury virtual penthouses in the metaverse.We spent that time creating countless promotional videos that showcased these virtual penthouses in the most delectable and inspiring way while also being tasked with educating their viewers with a reason to even buy a virtual home as an investment and utility in the NFT and metaverse marketplace.

Stephanie Carlin - Mindset Coach

World artist and spiritual mentor, Stephanie Carlin, hired us to mentor her on how to scale her YouTube presence and build a fanatic audience interested in learning more about her personality and spiritual mindset training her culture represents, while also encouraging further student growth inside her different paid experiences and services.

Concept punk/scene artist, Vin Clancy, hired us to mentor him on how to scale his YouTube presence along with his record label's presence to promote his music, their playlists and their artist's music. We hit viral moments in a matter of days.

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