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Based in New York

Based in New York

Based in New York

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Based in New York

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We elevate perceptions by clarifying & exposing your vision through avant-visual storytelling.

Austere is a nationwide collective of innovative creators and marketers, dedicated to crafting compelling strategies and viral content for the lifestyle, music, tech and fashion sectors. We conceptualize, launch, and nurture brands, leveraging the power of culture and community to stimulate fandom-level growth. Our passion and thought-provoking approach set us apart, driving rapid conversions and establishing a strong presence in the industries we serve.

What most don't know? We started as a fashion, art, music and alt-culture magazine. Yeah, we love culture.


We see our client's company's as our own. We treat them like gold.


When we notice something needs changing, we take action fast.


We never stop looking for ways to improve our client results.


Each month we aspire to out-perform the month before.

We serve the best.

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"It takes guts, curiosity and innovation to create a movement out of a brand. We're passionate about building that fandom for others online. The future is filled with household names that don't yet exist, yours deserves to be one of them."

Natasha Brito
Founder, CEO
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Meet the team

Founder, CEO

Natasha Brito

Director of Operations & Finance

Lauren Darrah

Advertising Director

James Lett

Creative Director

Lauren Gunnels

Creative Strategist

Kristin Rupert

Graphic Designer

Nikki Evangelista

Media Buyer

Andrew Zimmer

Media Buyer

Thomas Do

Media Buyer

Chelsea Coronin

Social Growth Specialist

Ferolino Ycong


Results are everything.

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The Phoenix Brand



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Stephanie Carlin

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Roots of Fight

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Jamba Juice

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Toast Music Festival

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Rob Simonsen

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Hey Violet

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Tech Daze

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NFT Oasis

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