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Discover how we're helping lifestyle brands generate exponential customer growth, go viral, and create the most iconic version of their brand online.

content creation

Elevating the ongoing content narrative for brands on social and advertising through graphic design and video editing.

content shoots

leveraging incredible creators across the world to capture unique content for your brand through our direction and ideas.

UGC content

Access skilled creators, tailored to our clients' target audience for an authentic and relatable approach to enhancing their brand's organic + paid efforts.

social media mgmt

Taking the burden off of brands' hands by managing their scheduled content, writing captions, hashtag strategy & community management.

social advertising

Prioritizing platforms that actually convert views to leads and customers where It counts.

tiktok marketing

Developing influencer campaigns, growth hacking, consulting on scalable TikTok strategies for any business.

visual identity development

Transforming the way brands present their identities across their entire branding through subliminal narratives.

web + web3 design

Creating the perfect virtual home for all your brand info as well as developing metaverse strategies, NFTs and more.

Results are everything.




Jamba Juice

Social + Visuals

Pizza Hut

AUSTERE was quick to hop on social trends and push out relevant content in a timely manner. As a result of this engagement, we saw a monthly increase in impressions and follower growth. AUSTERE worked efficiently, delivering quality outputs in a timely manner, and internal stakeholders were impressed with the service provider's agility and in-depth industry knowledge.


Thanks to AUSTERE, we scaled our monthly active users by 100x and went viral organically on socials with more than 16 million views. The organized team was responsive and quickly addressed needs and concerns. Their company culture and genuine interest in our success stood out. Culturally, the team was super fun and authentic! They love music and all-things pop-culture, while bringing a "growth hacker" mindset to the work they do.

Max Goldberg

"Finding a creative partner who is able to contribute to strategy, ideation, planning and execution is like looking for toilet paper in a pandemic. Austere contributed in all those dimensions beyond what I ever would have expected a small team to be capable of; it was like working with thirty people in one package. Professional and exceptional."

Brandon Hill

"I went from 300 TikTok followers to over 90,000 in 2 weeks after consulting with Austere! I saw a spike in Spotify followers and Instagram followers because of it. It's kind of crazy."

Sophie Hunter

“Natasha and the Austere team have done an incredible job at bringing our project visions to life through our various music and lifestyle campaigns that we’ve partnered on. They are true visionaries who’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail are exhibited in their work.”

Rachael Hardway

"You can do a lot with a team that has talent, understands where you're trying to go, and can actually manifest it and translate that to an audience. Because that's what it's about. It's about being able to reach your audience. Austere does that and so much more."

John Tunsill

"They really took the time to understand our music brand and how we hoped to create a stronger connection with our online community through our content. The passion and attention to detail for their clients is unmatched! We look forward to working with the team on future projects."

Jennifer Harrington

"You go to Austere when you want something that no one else has or can replicate. What I received from them was exactly what I was picturing. They turned an idea into a tangible representation of what I'm all about. You have to work with Austere, plain and simple."

Sean Ahern

They’ll impact everybody they work with, and I’ve certainly seen that throughout my time working with them... AUSTERE has been a critical element in us being able to service our clients who need any kind of visual branding. The quality of their work is the reason I continue to engage with them."

Jason Duarte
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