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With our unconventional growth strategies and unwavering storytelling, we empower artists to harness the true potential of their social presence by shifting their social identities from 'person who makes music' to 'conceptual, alluring artist'. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to guarantee results while building massive fandom and artistic affinity.
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How we do socials

Platform Management
+ Manual Publishing
We are obsessed with social media and manage a diverse range of platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Threads, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. Our approach goes beyond scheduling content; we meticulously curate and manually publish to capitalize on trending sounds, leverage SEO on screen, and implement strategies tailored to each platform. By carefully optimizing content, we ensure increased exposure and enhanced engagement.
Multichannel Platform Strategies
We understand that not every social media platform is essential for every business. Our team curates and develops multichannel strategies based on your specific goals and target audience. By analyzing your industry landscape and identifying the platforms that align best with your brand, we focus our efforts on maximizing your presence where it matters most.
Community Management
+ Engagement Funnels
At AUSTERE, we prioritize building strong connections with your audience through detailed community management. We go beyond surface-level interactions and engage meaningfully with everyone who reacts to your content. By developing custom engagement funnels, we convert followers, likers, and commenters into potential clients or customers. Through personalized DMs and strategic interactions, we foster a sense of belonging and drive conversion.
Growth Hacking
+ Owned Asset Creation
Experience rapid organic growth through our innovative growth hacking techniques. We take a meticulous and strategic approach, utilizing various engagements, actions, and tactics to accelerate your brand's social media growth. Additionally, we create powerful owned assets through the development of secondary accounts. These assets become influential resources for your brand, extending your reach and amplifying your online presence beyond our ongoing support.

Sophie came to Austere at the beginning of her music career aiming to put her name on the map on TikTok.Within Sophie's first month working with us, she has gone viral on TikTok twice and seen exponential growth in her streams, Spotify followers, and subscribers on YouTube. We will continue working towards future viral moments with her to amplify these beautiful wins.

World artist and spiritual mentor, Stephanie Carlin, hired us to mentor her on how to scale her YouTube presence and build a fanatic audience interested in learning more about her personality and spiritual mindset training her culture represents, while also encouraging further student growth inside her different paid experiences and services.

We worked with Hey Violet for 6 months over the course of 2021 after they had left their record label to go independent. We made significant strides in their branding, content, and social + streams growth. Their visual identity has been the first thing we focused on and from there, we've pushed hard on growth and authority building.

Over the course of 6 months, we were hired by Rob Simonsen, an acclaimed Hollywood composer, and experimental ambient artist, to create the entire social content strategy and visual identity of his debut solo album. The ethereal aesthetic was the main thing we elevated to tell compelling stories throughout. We even created a micro-documentary series about the creation of the album in Paris. 

Concept punk/scene artist, Vin Clancy, hired us to mentor him on how to scale his YouTube presence along with his record label's presence to promote his music, their playlists and their artist's music. We hit viral moments in a matter of days.

We began working with Thriller Records in 2021 and the first artist campaign we partnered on was for He Is We. Our campaign is currently ongoing and spans 4 different single releases; 2 of them focusing on a TikTok influencer campaign and the other 2 focusing on YouTube advertising for her new music videos.

Elizabeth came to us when initially seeking a visual transformation and building a stronger foundation for her identity. We helped her articulate her deeply intense story into a full visual narrative.After this, she immediately joined our Iconic Artist program to get the education she was seeking to build her own campaigns, advertising, and gain the mentorship from the coaching calls to implement her strategies correctly.In that time, she hired our team to work on her album cover, CD package design, and most recently an influencer campaign.

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