Metazine Is The First Magazine In The Metaverse Through Virtual Reality

Metazine takes the magazine world into virtual reality for the first time in history. Yeah, we're pretty pumped about it to say the least. The team at AUSTERE, specifically our founder, Natasha Brito, was inspired to bring the 21st issue of Austere Magazine into the metaverse in 2021 as a way to challenge the expected formats in which we experience stories and provoke the status quo. The journey to create this Metazine was an enigmatic one.

The Metaverse inspired Metazine before it exploded

in the early part of 2021, Austere's team was working diligently towards the revival of our iconic print magazine which had been sunset in 2018 as a means to focus on the launch and expansion of AUSTERE's agency division. When our team was just in the ideation phase, it was already in Natasha's mind to create a parallel experience for the metaverse. Although the name Metazine had not yet been established, the urge to create for uncharted waters was too delicious to ignore. Then... Facebook became Meta and before you knew it, everyone and their mother was talking about the Metaverse. While there are several opinions out there regarding what value this provided to the community of early adopters, we found this to be an incredible divine timing to announce to the world that our revival issue would have a home in virtual reality through the metaverse.

Being an established magazine gave the Metazine a framework to start

If you haven't yet experienced the Metazine world for yourself yet, I honestly encourage you to stop reading and visit this page where you can access it for free instantly. In looking back on the first 20 issues of Austere Magazine, a clearly defined focus in storytelling of different human experiences based on different issue themes was

The future of Metazine is endless, Metaverse we're here to play!

As we look at what we created in the fall of 2021, we're inspired to take things to the next level in 2022. All projects have a learning curve and this one was the biggest of them all. We discovered new ways to tell stories that have never been experienced in this format before, we learned that virtual reality is still just in it's infancy when it comes to the types of platforms and support structures that exist for creators like us to innovate in, and we discovered that with resilience in our creative process, we will always come out on the other side with something we love.

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