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Our brand first started as a magazine back in 2012 in our college town of Denton, TX. We were so inspired by the creativity that was constantly evolving in that little hippie town that we had to document the incredible individuals who lived there. Our team was entirely volunteer based from writers to photographers to graphic designers and so many niche creators in between. Each issue immersed itself visually + narratively through a particular theme we would collectively come up with in our Saturday morning meetings at a local coffee shop. This era of AUSTERE holds some of our fondest memories. Over those beautiful first 7 years we released 20 issues and then decided to pause the project to reconvene on an evolutionary future.

Today we are an award-winning creative + marketing agency for fashion, tech, music + lifestyle brands.

In 2019 we excitedly reformatted the company into the agency it is today but in the spring of 2021 we felt a calling back to our roots. We knew it was time to revive the magazine and evolve yet again into uncharted territories; the metaverse. This year we honor our 21st issue in print and in virtual reality as we forge into the future of possibilities.

We hope you love it as much as we loved creating it.


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